Can I Replace My HVAC System Myself in Miami Beach, FL?

If you're looking to replace your air conditioner in your Florida home or business, you'll need to obtain a building permit from your local county. The Department of Construction is dedicated to providing a smooth process for everyone who applies for a permit. To ensure the best customer experience, they offer both in-person and online services. The typical permit process consists of four steps: application, plan review, permit issuance, and inspections.

New construction and major remodeling require an additional step at the end: certificate of occupancy. To help you with this process, the Department of Construction provides a checklist for submitting permit applications along with checklists by permit type. To begin the online application process, visit the Online Permit Resource Center. This change responds to customers' demand to be able to send them directly to the county agency.

See guidelines on how to apply for county municipal approval. Once the DERM has approved the plans, applicants must upload the approved set to the building permit through the attachment tab of the Citizen Self Service (CSS) portal. Once the plans have been approved and all required documents have been received, applicants can pay the remaining balance and receive their permits. Applicants can pay online through the Citizen Self Service (CSS) portal and download the permit card and approved drawings and related documents. Inspections can be requested, canceled, or rescheduled through the Citizen Self Service (CSS) portal.

View information about inspections. If granted, the permit will be extended for 180 days. If a second extension is requested, leave secretaries must seek approval from the Administration before issuing an extension. Applicants must submit a letter explaining the reason for the extension request.

The letter must be addressed ONLY by the owner or contractor. See the fare list for rates. The application to be used is Permit Application Updates (PAU). Renewals can be requested through the Citizen Self Service (CSS) portal. If the permit was granted by the owner, only the owner's notarized signature is required.

A renewal fee will be charged according to the current fee schedule. When the original contractor cannot be found or needs to be changed, both the owner and the new contractor must sign and notarize a new application for permission to submit a change of contractor. In this case, the expired permit will be charged for renewing and changing the contractor's fees using the same application in accordance with the current fee schedule. If a permit is in issued status, but no work has been done or any inspection has been requested, then cancellation of the permit can be requested. A building administrative processing fee will be charged for cancellation based on the current fee schedule. Permit cancellations can be requested through the Citizen Self-Service (CSS) portal.

There will be no refund of cost of original permit if this option is sought. Applicants who want a change of contractor must complete a new permit application and select “Change of Contractor” box located in “Request for Permit” section of application. Applicants must also submit a new set of drawings signed and stamped by new architect or engineer. The replaced set of drawings can be sent for reference. The final inspection of building will not be approved until Department of Construction has submitted and accepted set of plans as constructed. All refunds will be made in name of owner registered in permit system. CSS is a next-generation service site for obtaining permits, planning, business tax receipts and code compliance.

Submit your application online and check status of your permit, application and building plan, or even request an inspection. Search public records for permits, plans, inspections, code cases, requests, licenses and projects Permit Request Wizard, Plans & commercial receipts Search for an invoice or process a quick payment Requests can be made through Citizen Self Service (CSS) portal. View instructions for submitting an online registration request. The process takes between five and seven business days.

Customers will be notified by email or phone when completed applications are available for download, CD or printing. Printed copies can be requested on letter-sized paper, legal paper or general ledger. Permit and inspection history, drawings, applications and various construction-related documents are available at no cost on CSS portal. Fees related to requests for public records are found on page 10 of Fee Schedule.

The City of Miami Beach Building Department is committed to providing highest quality services to our community by uniformly enforcing building codes in timely manner, continuously improving through innovation and streamlining services, collaborating with city departments, and improving our professional competencies. Appointments to meet with section chief must be made through our online booking system. The Housing and Community Development Division prepares competitive processes to select project sponsors for programs it manages. The competitive process for each funding program is called “Request for Applications” or RFA and is publicly announced in local newspapers.

RFAs are issued for funding programs managed by Division including SHIP, CDBG and HOME programs as well as any special housing allowance that may be available. Eligible applicants must apply for funding through Florida Housing's Application for Applications (RFA) process or contact our office for more information. This program is governed by Rule 67-48 of Florida Administrative Code. Yes you can continue to use your current CAP account to access records of CSS portal by following few simple steps.

Watch video tutorial Users can search records such as building permits, plans, parking space rental permits, wedding & ceremony permits, filming & printing permits, tree removal permits elevator licenses painting permits code compliance citations citizen requests special master cases business tax receipts (BTR) & more Vitis CSS Portal Yes you can request business tax receipt certificate of use....

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